the plan:


Contrary to our initial intent, we have released the 1st Installment of the PHOENIXCODE novel for FREE (Prologue, Chapter 1, & Chapter 2). And while it will give you an idea of the potential of PHOENIXCODE, it comes without any guarantee of future installments. This is due, in part, to the lack of monetary support of the project.

If you find yourself thoroughly enjoying the 1st Installment and would like to have more, we would sincerely ask that you make your presence known by either pledging a sum on the Patreon, buying the album on Bandcamp, or by simply helping us to spread the word on social media. Only once we've amassed our target of funding per installment will we guarantee that we'll proceed with the novel portion of this project. Quite simply, it requires a critical amount of time and effort at a moment in our lives when our careers (what puts food on the table) are demanding an ever increasing amount of time and effort; therefore, there has to be some support in order to justify the career sacrifices.

Luckily, the internet is an amazing tool, and it allows for the weirdest people (there are more of us than we could imagine) to find one another through billions of miles of fiber optic cables linked into firewalls, switches, routers, and humming computers.

Join Us. Fight the Tribe.       

introduction to the novel:

PHOENIXCODE - I is a sci-fi tinged tale and is, at its heart, both a commentary on the current state of the world as well as an expression of a vision which encompasses the likely challenges and modes that await us as a civilization. 

Our civilization is currently on a thrilling yet potentially tragic and destructive path. The stakes have been ramping up on the world stage for some time, and they are now higher than at any point subsequent to the fall of the Soviet Union. The pendulum of public sentiment has been rapidly swinging back into the clutches of nationalism, and state economies are currently saddled with unsustainable levels of sovereign debt-- all while the saga of Middle Eastern occupation, destabilization, and barbarism has nearly brought the world to its flash-point. And this is just the tip of the iceberg; there are innumerably more grave challenges which stare us down, beckoning for a solution. So, how can one decipher the root causes of and propose feasible solutions for anything in this global ether when every solution seemingly comes at the expense of something else? Courtesy of the Ancient Greeks, we’ve been endowed with their enduring principles of philosophy which allow us to peer into the heart of the world as it exists and refute the world as it has been sold to us. That is a start.

Two distinct yet polar opposite forces are at work in the world...

On one hand there is a powerful phenomenon driving the immense liberalization and decentralization of ideas, markets, currency, skills, science, technology, and art (all of which can be attributed to the truly incredible platform called the Internet)-- let’s call this phenomenon Renaissance 2.0. The people who exist in this space are immersed in a world that is improving in exponential fashion, and with any semblance of an imagination, the participants in Renaissance 2.0 can envision a future that is truly awe inspiring. To put things into perspective for you, every single component of the PHOENIXCODE project thus far has been an international effort. A web of collaborators from the UK, Italy, Germany, and all across the United States have come together out of mutual benefit to create all of the content you see. Their future is one of the entrepreneur, the “uberization” of all things, the autonomous vehicle, the rugged individualist, the solar farm, the quirky podcaster, the open-source technology, the creative mind, the artificial intelligence (for better or for worse), the sustainable farmer, the blockchain, the immersive VR lifestyle, the social network, the conscientious business owner, the cure to all illnesses, the peer-2-peer transaction, the industrious prospector, the long-tailed, the legalization of drugs, the courageous doctor, the first Martian, and those in the pursuit of happiness as an end.

While, on the other hand, this force of growth is opposed by the downward spiral of the centralized institutions controlled by the world’s elite: national governments, large corporations, major political parties, central banks, big unions, state funded universities, licensure boards, organized religions, etc. Each of these institutions is facing existential threat at the hands of increased individual freedom, access to alternative sources of information, and their piss-poor stewardship of the world economy. In unavoidable reference to the trainwreck that is the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, the two-party rule has never before been openly revealed to be so grossly obsolete, out-of-sync with the population, and subversive to reform. Although these traits are not a new development, only now are we mastering the tools to disseminate information not within their duopolistic interests. And while it’s easy to become lost in the vile mess of the election, it is important to recognize it is but a symptom of a systemic decline. It remains to be seen whether or not the host will survive the fall (or severe reorganization at a minimum) of these institutions. As they stand, they are the equivalent to glass skyscrapers in a world of dive-bombing Black Swans. Their world is one of the career politician (see: Hillary Clinton), the crony capitalist (see: Donald J. Drumpf), the gestapo, the sycophantic intelligentsia, the lobbyist, the patent troll, the captured regulator, the social justice warrior, the 24-hour newsroom, the conception of “normal” as an ideal, the central banker, the military interventionist, the elitist professor, the nanny-state, the self-righteous welfarist, the unearned (also see: unappreciated), and those in the pursuit of power over others as an end.

My purpose in this project will be to demystify the underlying principle of these two forces and ultimately leave you seared with an image of a society that would be the result of the triumph of Renaissance 2.0 over the competing force. I hope to be able to accomplish this goal with the help of a universe of compelling characters and a plotline that will continuously leave you with a palpable feeling in your chest. And by the conclusion of our journey, I hope you will have been challenged with new ideas and inspired to place a bet on yourself, as we have done with PHOENIXCODE, in the name of personal achievement and happiness. Nothing would be a more profound signal of a job-well-done on our part: you would then be a torch-bearer of the phoenix code. 

And to those of you already bearing the torch, we hope you'll walk with us when the way gets dark.

α/SCO “aka: Scorpio”

Written on 10/22/2016